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Moving is considered as one of the stressful events in life; however, when you choose Hippo Movers that does not have to be the case. Granted, you might have several questions in your mind concerning your move, and that is why we have put up some of the most frequently asked questions regarding packing and moving.

1. Do I need to hire a professional mover?

Since moving can be a stressful time, it would be wise to hire a professional mover that delivers exceptional value. Going with an unprofessional mover will only make things more stressful. A professional mover will have an experienced team of movers who will be able to move your things from your home to the truck and to your new location with specific moving skills.

2. How much will it cost?

With Hippo Movers, you don’t have to worry about being overcharged. We can provide you an hourly estimate for all local moves. For long distance moves, you can contact our office and get a quote based on the distance, and amount of furniture that needs to be moved. We will also provide you a timeframe for long distance moves. Our estimates are pretty accurate and we advise you to talk to our office before you hire us.

3. What will I be charged for?

You will be charged for the moving service we provide. However, if you have fragile items that need special packing, like wooden crates or other special packing material, you will need to pay for that as well. You also have the choice of buying packing and moving supplies from our online store.

4. What kind of packing material do I need?

You are going to need boxes of various sizes to pack your things. It is best not to use old cardboard boxes so as to avoid getting bugs and bacteria on your things. You will need to get new boxes, wraps, pads and other things. Our online store has a variety of packing and moving supplies.

5. When should I schedule my move?

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to schedule your move well in advance, at least 2 weeks in advance. Planning in advance will give you time to work things out properly and not miss out on important things because of lack of time.

6. How many movers and trucks do I need?

We offer our clients the choice of 2-4 movers with one moving truck or as many as you need. Obviously if you need more moving trucks we will have them ready for you. When you contact our office our experienced staff will be able to give you an estimate of how many movers and trucks you will need.

7. Are there items that you will not move?

We are a licensed moving company and we will not move any combustible or hazardous materials like firearms, aerosols, paints and propane tanks.

8. Will the movers arrange my furniture?

Yes, our movers will arrange your furniture at your new location. We will make sure your furniture is placed where you want it at your new location.

9. Will my prized possessions be safe?

Yes, your prized possessions will be completely safe while you are moving. We do however, request you to please point out your prized possessions to our movers so that they can take proper care of them while moving.

10. What about my pets?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate pets in the moving truck, or in the cab for liability reasons. You will need to make other arrangements to move the pets to your new location.11. How do I ensure my belongings are placed in the right room?

11. How do I ensure my belongings are placed in the right room?

You can follow a simple labelling system, just mark each box with the appropriate label (eg. Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Living Room, etc.) and our movers will ensure the boxes are placed in the right room.

12. Can I leave clothing in the dresser drawers?

Yes, you may leave your clothing in the dresser drawers. Just make sure there is nothing in the drawer that can roll around and get damaged while moving. If the dresser is large, you might want to partially remove some of its contents.

13. Do I have to instruct the movers what to take and what to leave?

When our movers arrive, they will do a walkthrough of your home together with you, confirming which items/ pieces of furniture will be going and which will not be going.

14. What if I haven’t completed my packing?

We recommend you start packing in advance; however, in the unfortunate event you are not yet completed your packing, we request that you contact our office. You might require our movers to assist you in packing and get your things packed and ready to be moved.

15. Can friends and family help in moving?

While you can have your friends and family help you pack, it is not recommended that they come to help on the day of moving. Our professional movers are experienced and skilled in loading things onto the truck and working alongside with non-professionals will only slow them down and cost you more, especially if you are paying by the hour.

16. Can I ride along in the moving truck?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate our customers in our moving truck. You will need to ask a friend or family member to drive you to your new location, or you can rent a cab.

17. Can you move my plants?

Yes, for local moves we can move your plants if you have properly packed them. However, we cannot guarantee the safe transport of your plants due to extreme temperatures in the moving truck. We do not move plants for long distance moves.

18. Do you have storage facilities?

Yes, we have storage facilities for items that you are unable to move or have no place to store them in your new location. We can arrange to store your items for up to a month and have them delivered to your new location. Our storage facilities are safe and secure.
Contact our office if you have any other questions that we have not covered here and we will be glad to answer you.