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Long Distance

As one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles, Hippo Movers offers long distance moving services to anywhere in California and all other major cities. We are a professional moving company and we specialize in long distance moves. Our company has been providing excellent long distance moving service to satisfied customers from all over California. With over 10 years’ experience in the moving business, we understand what customers are looking for when then need to move long distance to another city or state. With our commitment and dedication to providing a reliable and efficient service, we have become one of the premier moving companies in the Los Angeles County area. If you are looking for a reliable long distance moving company, call our offices and speak to our staff. At Hippo Movers, we take all long distance moving jobs seriously. We will make sure that your belongings are safely packed and stored on the moving truck, and you do not have to worry about your things sustaining any

damage during the trip. Our team of movers are well experienced and will ensure your things are properly packed before moving. With Hippo Movers, you have the choice of requesting 2-4 movers with one moving truck or more. We believe in providing our clients a clear service with no hidden charges. We offer our long distance moving service from anywhere in California to any other big city. Call our office for long distance quotes.

Hippo Movers offers both residential and commercial long distance moving. If you are moving your business to another city, you are going to need a professional moving company to take care of getting your things from one place to the other. We have been providing long distance commercial moving to several clients and our experience in the business enables us to offer a reliable service. Long distance moving could be a stressful time for some, especially when you are moving from one city to another. When you choose to move with Hippo Movers, you can be sure your things will be moved safely across without any stress. The last thing you need is stress during a move, and that is why you need to call our office and let us take care of your long distance move. Our trucks are well maintained and suitable for long distance moving. We take care to plan the move and we deliver on time. We make it a point to take care of every small detail and this results in having satisfied customers.

Hippo Movers is the best choice for both residential and commercial long distance moving. With a friendly and efficient staff, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service. Hippo Movers offers excellent long distance moving services at very competitive rates. Call our office today to enquire about our long distance moving rates.